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Exhibiting at PixelPop Festival 2018:


Studio Triple Take - St. Louis, MO

BulletBEAT is a mobile rhythmic action game!

Everything from enemy movements to your laser follows the music!

Don’t let the invaders reach the HarmoniCore!
Blast away baddies to the beat!
Feel the music and dodge synchronized enemy attacks!
Only you can survive the melodious melee and defeat the Maestros!

Headphones recommended!

===== Features =====

Simple and Responsive Controls
– Tilt your phone to aim exactly where you want. No flailing or gestures needed!

Levels and Secrets
– Each level is handcrafted with meaningful challenges and hidden secrets along the way!

Bombs, Bombs and more Bombs
– Spend gold to buy bombs to punch through perils or deal massive damage!

Featuring Music by fireteamtorch and Visual Design by Jeffrey Hsu!

We founded Studio Triple Take because we both believe in the power of video games. Throwing our hats into the ring, we hope to bend perceptions of what games are and can evoke. Our central focus lies with the experimentation of new gameplay mechanics, novel controls and player expectations.

Jeffrey Hsu, programmer and visual designer, enjoys the finer things in life: tight controls, experiential gameplay and immersive experiences.
Jonathan Bo, scenario writer and financial officer, yearns to present the bold and fresh, whether it’s new plotlines or recipes.

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