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Exhibiting at PixelPop Festival 2019:

Graphite Lab Internship Class of 2019

Graphite Lab - St. Louis, MO

Graphite Lab

Phantom Frogger:
In this adaptation of the classic game Frogger, hop across the gritty city scape while avoiding a never ending barrage of humans and their automotive death machines! Achieve your ultimate form as phantom Frogger to possess humans, cars, and alligators! Use these physical forms to wreak havoc on the same streets that once imprisoned you! Phantom Frogger can’t survive long without a host so find a human to possess quickly! Possess enough people and you’ll be able to control stronger beasts such as the mighty mini van! Plow down humans for as long as you can to rack up your high score!

Save the Water:
Play as a water treatment facility worker and fix the city’s water! This unique take on the pipe puzzle genre sees you placing your pipes instead of rotating them! Gauging the costs of pipes you use is vital as you work your way through several city blocks to supply clean water to everyone! The water is always flowing, forcing you to make quick decisions and find inventive solutions to difficult puzzles! Placing down pipes means you can buy and sell them as needed and if you can supply the water on time and on budget, you’ll pass the level successfully!

Magnet Opus:
Welcome aboard intern! Your job is to test out the Magnet Opus! Using its magnet pull and push effect, you can transition between traversal and combat with ease! We’ll be sending wave after wave of boom bots at you throughout a number of our facilities! If you survive, then the project is a success! Have fun and don’t die!

Every year, a team of aspiring game developers venture deep into the halls of Graphite Lab to cut their teeth and learn the ins-and-outs of video game development. 2 artists, 1 programmer, and 1 designer are accepted into the internship and together, they spend their summer honing their skills and developing 3 unique video games from scratch.

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