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PixelPop Festival Conference Session:

Experimental Aesthetics

Saturday, 5:00 pm - 5:50 pm

Experimentation is key to extending the limits of an artform. Join us for this rapid-fire series of microtalks exploring how game creators experiment with different aesthetic forms within their projects. From all corners of game design, we’ll explore how we can push ourselves as creators, and produce groundbreaking work that continues to inspire new creators in our wake.

Cuddle Up With Cozy Games (Ebeth Norvell)
What is coziness? How do you design for it? And why should you make cozy games? Bring a warm blanket and a cup of tea and find out!

Turning the Ocean Orange (Jason Li)
Creating new games from whole cloth is hard, so let’s look at how Splatoon took on the entire ocean of shooter games and turned it into something fresh. I dub it the “orange ocean” strategy, and I’ll show you how we can apply this strategy to make our own fresh games.

Making games makes me feel better (Katherine Brennan)
 There are a lot of reasons to create games (money, education, etc) but making them simply for your own sake is completely valid. In this talk I share why making games makes me feel better, and how I approach it in order to accomplish this important goal.

An Introduction to Soft-Circuits: Exploring E-Textiles and Wearable Technology (Francesca Carletto-Leon)
When we think of technology, we usually don’t think of adjectives like “flexible”, “soft”, and “wearable”. Electronic textiles, also known as “smart garments”, are fabrics which include electronic components such as lights and sensors to create wearable technologies and alternative controllers. This talk will introduce attendees to soft circuits by presenting and discussing examples of recent work within this field, as well as how we can use these systems to develop alternative controller games.

Duckhunt Dogme 95: Designing Experimental Games Under Constraints (Jack Hart)
How do we design games and why do it the way we do? In this talk, Jack argues for a new dogmatic approach to design small experimental games to get at the core of the player experience. Lessons learned and examples of games created under these constraints will be showed.

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