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Exhibiting at PixelPop Festival 2020:

Even in Arcadia

Phoebe Shalloway - Ithaca, NY

Even in Arcadia is set in a distant future in which capitalism and consumerism have continued to run rampant, corporations have replaced all government, and planet Earth has long been relegated to legend. Now society constantly moves to new planets and throws away the old ones like last year’s model of smartphone.
You are a guest at the launch party for the most recently developed planet: Arcadia. Over the course of the evening you will wander the Arcadia Botanical Gardens’ various rooms and eavesdrop on the other distinguished guests whose stories and dramas play out in a repeating cycle.

Phoebe Shalloway (any pronouns) is a game developer and writer from the United States. They are especially interested in experimental narrative forms, interdisciplinary media, and media that deal with issues of environmental catastrophe and capitalism. They made the experimental narrative game Even in Arcadia as their senior thesis project at Vassar College, Class of 2018. Phoebe has also created several other small and strange solo games, which can be played at https://girldebord.itch.io/. They currently work as an engineer for Whitethorn Digital, an independent game studio based in Erie, Pennsylvania. You can follow what they’re working on next on twitter @girl_debord.



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