Press Resources

Thank you for your interest in covering PixelPop Festival! Below, you can download logo assets to use in your publication, blog, social account, etc.

PixelPop staff members are available for media interviews. If you would like to speak to us about the Festival, please feel free to contact us and specify your outlet and timeframe for coverage.

You can learn more about PixelPop Festival and the event’s history here. Read about the team creating PixelPop here.

Logo Use Guidelines

Only use the PixelPop Festival logo on a solid-color background, allowing at least 1/4” of space around it on all sides. Never overlap the PixelPop Festival logo on top of other logos, images, or patterns. Ensure that there is plenty of contrast between the background color and the logo. Never use a glow or drop-shadow on the logo. Never use colors or gradients in the logo that are not included in our originally provided files.

Media Assets: Logo Guidelines