‘A Game Journalist? Whats That?’ with Josh Boykin | PixelPop Festival 2016 [VIDEO]

Adron BuskeNews

What’s it really like to be a “game journalist”? In a world where big game journalism sites are consolidating and closing left and right, why get involved now? These questions and others are answered by veteran game journalist, Josh Boykin (founder of Intelligame), as he discusses his experiences with writing for games. Josh also offers tips for up-and-comers, and talks about how to stay motivated.

Recorded in October 2016 at PixelPop Festival at the St. Louis Science Center.

About PixelPop Festival

PixelPop Festival is a two-day event celebrating unique games and the people who make them. It features digital and tabletop game demos, industry speakers, and much more. The 2017 event is happening August 5 & 6 at the Saint Louis University Busch Student Center. Learn more here.