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Presentation Game by Jokes Too Far Games

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Jokes Too Far Games

Creator of: Presentation Game
Location: St. Louis

Jokes Too Far Games consists of 3-5 humans who love collaborating on games that make us laugh. We got our start in St. Louis doing game jams.

Presentation Game

Gather your friends together for an entertaining and surprisingly informative evening of giving whimsical, randomly-generated presentations! Laugh out loud together as you do your best to explain the link between a balanced breakfast and beard care. After your friends try to convince you that desserts really are the best way to treat illnesses, follow up with any questions that crossed your mind. Finally, give the presenters feedback, including how relevant the topic was to your interests and how devilishly handsome they looked during their microtalk. Act prepared (even if you don’t feel it), and remember to silence your cell phones!