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Marshall's Theory by Looking Glass Factory

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Exhibitor: Looking Glass Factory

Looking Glass Factory

Creator of: Marshall’s Theory
Location: New York, NY

For Ben Poynter, game developer-artist, 3D artist-animator, illustrator, and professor, the mission is no longer escapism but excavation. He has always been at odds whether to hide behind a silk, digital screen (virtual worlds) or become a vocal presence for a social cause (sociopolitical worlds). Hence, a battle of realms simulated and concrete begins. Whether this be a painstakingly hand-illustrated mobile title discussing labor inequalities in Asia, a 3D sculpted-flashy title for avant-garde technology taking aim at corruption, or thinking inwards to the existence of it all. Ben has travelled throughout the world supporting his cause.

Marshall’s Theory

This is an experimental game about paranoia, politics, and dreamscape visuals. At most desperate times, the politician will resort to the sharpest tool they have: the image. For imagery in the 21st century will be stronger for a politician than actual discourse will ever be. That is the tale for Marshall’s Theory. As the player in control of America’s Commander-In-Chief, you are led into the titular character’s deepest, darkest nightmares where the lies you’ve fabricated in the real world (powers) are the only line of defense versus those who have been wronged by them (the enemies).