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PixelPop Exhibitor

Exhibitor: melessthanthree


Creator of: L U C A H
Location: New Haven, CT

melessthanthree was formed in 2016 by independent game developer Colin Horgan (EctoPlaza, UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter). Having worked in academic, educational, and commercial games spaces, but never quite fitting into any of them, melessthanthree formed in a small niche of the independent and alt-games space that strives to combine the personal with the universal. Their games translate intimate experiences into niche gameplay and impressionist aesthetics, as demonstrated in their first title, LUCAH.


L U C A H is an nightmare style-action role-playing game about finding oneself. As one of the Marked – children with innate magical powers that are hunted and feared for the destructive potential they hold – Lucah must survive an onslaught of Nightmares in order to seek Purification and escape the Corruption that threatens to consume them. Influenced by personal struggles with identity and mental illness, L U C A H draws on horror, songwriting, and arcade action to present a singular experience of struggle and self-discovery.