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Intrusion Protocol by Somber Dawn Studios

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Exhibitor: Somber Dawn Studios

Somber Dawn Studios

Creator of: Intrusion Protocol
Location: Sikeston, MO

Somber Dawn Studios is an indie game development company operating out of St. Louis and the southeast Missouri area. Our team consists of five lifelong friends who are self-taught and working day jobs to keep the lights on. We use GameMaker Studio 2 for both the speed it allows for in development and the ease of use it offers to our artist and level designer.

Intrusion Protocol

Intrusion Protocol is a classic challenging retro 2-D platformer. Play as a computer virus tasked with infiltrating an enemy network to retrieve mission-critical data. As you find the data you will uncover a story that reveals the secrets of your mysterious purpose. Your only health bar is the clock, and the enemy defenses will quickly drain your precious time. Will you be able to overcome the defenses and access the data? Or will you find yourself out of time? Be quick. Be careful.