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Sonamu Games

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Exhibitor: Sonamu Games

Sonamu Games

Creator of: Tower Trap, Mush Kid
Location: Illinois

Sonamu Games was founded by video-game enthusiasts Carter McCall and Nathaniel English. After each working on a few solo projects, they decided to work together and have been making games ever since. So far, they have released “Puzzle Palette”, a color-matching game for Android, but both a stylized RPG called “Tower Trap” and an exploration adventure game called “Mush Kid” are in the works.

Mush Kid

A small mushroom creature is living alone in a cave until a group of space explorers discover it. Play as this creature, Mush Kid, and explore the world to find treasure and resources to help these visitors establish their colony. Gain a reputation and collect cool stuff, but is it all too good to be true?

Tower Trap

A unique JRPG filled with collectibles with a pastel color scheme and emphasis on ambient electronic music. Instead of focusing on a single large world, the game is spread out into multiple levels, such as those in a platforming game. The coins picked up in the world can be used to purchase brand new attacks to use in the turn-based battles.