PixelPop Festival News

Speaking at PixelPop Festival 2020:

Jonathan Bobrow

New York, NY

Jonathan Bobrow is an award winning designer and technologist at the forefront of digital interfaces and hands-on play. He’s an alumnus of the MIT Media Lab Playful Systems group and UCLA Design | Media Arts, CEO and Founder of Move38, a new kind of game company. Move38 builds tools for creativity such as Blinks, a board game system with a mind of its own. Jonathan has successfully Kickstarted five products, raising over $400K on the platform, he is an avid maker, lifelong baseball player, air-guitar veteran, and recently TEDx thought leader on how play shapes the way we think.

www.jonbobrow.com, www.move38.com, @jonathanbobrow, facebook.com/jbobrow

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